Platinum Table Partners

Biffa is an established leader of sustainable waste management in the UK. We’ve been at the forefront of the UK’s waste industry for the last 100 years, starting up at a time when waste management simply meant taking it away.

Our team of more than 11,000 employees provide unrivalled end-to-end waste and recycling solutions for thousands of businesses and millions of households each day.

Underpinned by our low carbon collection network, we’re at the forefront of enabling the UK circular economy by continuing to build our plastic recycling capacity, investing in energy recovery, and growing the amount of surplus produce we redistribute through Company Shop Group.

Our purpose is to change the way people think about waste. We believe that if people and businesses think differently about waste, they will act differently. More will be redistributed, reused, recycled, or recovered – helping to reduce emissions, protect the environment, and support our communities.


SEFE Energy is proud to be part of SEFE – Securing Energy for Europe: a fully-integrated energy company that serves its customers with one end-to-end energy value chain, from sourcing and trading to transport, storage and sales.

Together with our counterparts across Europe, we are a reliable, stand-alone energy company that ensures the security of energy supply and drives the green energy transformation in Europe, now and for the future.

As the UK sales arm of SEFE, SEFE Energy is a leading non-domestic energy supplier, providing gas, electricity and low carbon energy products to over 30,000 customers in all sectors – from industrial and public sector organisations to retail, health care, property groups and everything in between.

STA International celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, opening in the UK in 1994, the same year the Channel Tunnel opened. A subsidiary of a US-based and family-owned STA Credit Corp, its three staff members focused on amicable B2B debt collection, with legal action outsourced to independent law firms.

Millennium saw STA enter the consumer collections market. Today, STA is the market leader in higher and further education, with over 150 universities, colleges and private accommodation providers partnering with STA to recover student debt worldwide. Now Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, we have a dedicated contact centre in Glasgow to service the high volumes of student debts supported by an in-house tracing team. The Maidstone office houses B2B collections where credit insurance underwriters, FTSE 100 and SME clients seek our support. In addition, our fire-and-forget project team supports clients needing more resources by confidentially managing their receivables. Staff numbers across the two offices are 83.

STA completed a Management Buyout last year and quickly created a solicitor's firm, STA Legal, via an Alternative Business Structure. STA Legal is now successfully open for business.

Our guiding principle is to maximise clients' cash flow while protecting their reputation.

Wilson & Roe is a leading High Court Enforcement Office specialising in the enforcement of judgment debt by High Court Writ of Control. We are a privately owned business established in 2000 but with roots dating back to 1842. Operating across England and Wales, we provide a comprehensive range of enforcement services to law firms and creditors. Our other services include tenant evictions, mortgage repossessions, trespasser evictions, CRAR and commercial lease forfeitures. Our team of 60 highly trained and passionate enforcement professionals are driven by results and customer service and consistently deliver the fastest turnaround of service and the best recovery rates in the High Court Enforcement sector.

Yusen Logistics is the insight-driven, customer-centric logistics partner to global business. We offer a suite of supply chain solutions delivered with superior quality, insight and expertise. With the ambition to be the world’s preferred supply chain logistics company, we strive for continuous improvement and service excellence across all our operations and activities. We invest in a deep understanding of our customers' business, their customers, the challenges they face and the goals they want to achieve. We use this insight to become an integral part of their success, from strategy through to execution.

We deliver this through an extended range of services from International Freight Forwarding, Contract Logistics, and Supply Chain Solutions to Industry insights covering the full supply chain. And by staying at the forefront of technological and operational innovation, we find a better way to bring our customers even closer to the markets and communities they serve.

With 25,000 employees covering 47 countries and regions and over 631 locations, we are connecting people, businesses and communities to a better future every day. In short, we create better connections for the future of business.